Moderator: Trusted Users

#78 by citizen
Thu Nov 27, 2014 12:41 am
  • There are two tiers of rules on this forum. The first is the site administrators rules, and the second is the rules put forth by a consul of trusted users.
  • The site administrators rules always and unconditionally surmount the rules put forth by the consul of trusted users.
  • To add trusted user, another user needs to nominate the user by creating a poll in the elections forum.
  • To remove a trusted user, bring a election to remove the trusted user in the election forum.
    Site Administrators do not handle disputes. Bringing a dispute to a site administrators will result in a official warning.
  • Disputes between users shall be handled by a trusted user.
  • Disputes involving a trusted user can be handled by the trusted users consul or by bringing a election to remove the trusted user.
  • All rules from the trusted user counsel must be stated in the announcements forum.

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