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#220 by LadyPnL
Mon Dec 01, 2014 1:04 pm
I guess I need to just quit reading about it but since the Grand Jury No Indict announcement last week, Ive been reading-watching way more of this than I should be (should be working! lol) although not nearly enough to have fully grasped all the details. There's still some big pieces I missed! but thats okay... and DAYUM. Its all just so wrong on so many levels, Im overwhelmed.

And... so yesterday (stupid me) I looked at the comments on that FB Rams page. The ignorance is overwhelming and the hate, ugh.

Now today (stupid me) I clicked PLAY on the video thats embedded in this diary at GOS and I dunno it just triggered a response in me ... on a gut level, I just recoil in horror ... the brutality but also its just so brazen. I know it happens every day but shit.

My ex-husband for a brief time many years ago but life-long friend, Mik grew up in StL and he had many a tale to tell. Lets just say cops didnt much like him especially when he was a "troubled" youth in the early 70's. Working class, large Italian Catholic family, and so on. Ive really been missing him this week, would love to hear his take on all this, but since he died four years ago, thats not possible. I think the video hit me b/c it coulda been him, probly was him, I dunno.

Maybe Ill take a music break. He used to sing this song to me, lol. Lets see if I can do the embed thing here.
okay its not cooperating, heres the link
#234 by joeshikspack
Mon Dec 01, 2014 4:18 pm
yeah there's a lot of stupid and ugly out there, but there is also a lot of interesting stuff happening. i just watched a few hundred mostly white, suburban kids marching around a local university which is not exactly known for its political activism protesting the lack of justice for mike brown.

the thing is, this is really important. america has proven that you can make all of the laws that you want intended to bring about racial equality under the law, but they cannot be effective until the attitudes of people change. i think that we may have hit a tipping point culturally and the idiot racists are going to be more and more isolated in the minority.

i see people reaching out to each other in the wake of this injustice and it's a beautiful thing. i hope that it takes over the planet.

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